Letters from the U.S.

Dear Doctor
The so called portuguese blogosphere is desperatelly needing your help on what concerns to safe, fulfilled, divine sex. We all know - if you allow me - that you're not famous because of your wild beauty... but because of your wild, wildest dreams!
Would you be so kind to explain some creatures that when you have a good sex life you don't make it public: you go practice, instead of keeping a sick eye on other people's hapiness. You can never imagine how some women can be unintelligent, practicing "the wild thing" as if they were going to some Olympic Games... Like I always say to my teenage students: good sex has a right moment, a right place and specially, it has a right person to be with. Fooling around with everything that moves is the living proof that you have real, serious problems with your self-respect. Looking around to so many - too many - forty-something women that are used and being used is simply disgusting... So lonelly, they're so, so lonelly... Do they really need the whole world to notice that?...
I pity them... all those abortions, diseases and... the desert when they get home and look in the mirror. God, what can they possibly think?... Something like "Wow, I had dozens of wild-sex nights, dozens od partners, hey, I went with every one I could go..."?... It's a ratter pitying way of failure, isn't it? What does it lead them to? Are they angry against women that are abble to make themselves loved all the way? Are they simply jealous? Are they that desperate for aproval? And... What kind of aproval is that? They simply don't get it, do they?... Emptiness. Cruel, disrespectful emptiness. Kind of gross, I could say. Always makes me think of... the sewers?...
When will they get the whole picture: people who are sexually fulfilled just don't fool around the internet trying to prove others that they have a Phd on what concerns to bed matters... I always smile and say: «Hey, I know better!...»
Thanks for everything & keep up with the good work
(wherever you are now...)!
Inesh Alva (portuguese blogger)

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